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    Non-Sequiturs: 10.09.13

    * Just in time for Halloween, here’s a real Night of the Living Dead scenario. In Ohio you only have 3 years to challenge a ruling that you’re legally dead. After that, regardless of how f**king “alive” you are, you have to stay dead. [WTAE]

    * Remember the epic Ninth Circuit benchslap oral argument? Well, the government read the writing on the wall and has confessed error and vowed to use the video of the oral argument as a training tool for its attorneys. We hope they’ll consider using the ATL write-up as supplemental reading material. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

    * Corporette offers some good advice on how to write great cover letters. A good start is not writing one like this guy we profiled awhile ago. [Corporette]

    * A fund has been set up to help the man injured in the alleged hit-and-run involving a Hastings student. [We Pay]

    * Law schools tell us they’re moving toward a model encouraging practical skills… and keep hiring more professors without any practical skills. #fail [Lawyers, Guns & Money]

    * Does anyone remember 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford? Let’s say you do. Here are revised lyrics for 1Ls. [Law Prof Blawg]

    * Infographic telling us what we all knew — the bubble done burst. [Online Paralegal Programs]

    * The Ole Miss FedSoc has readopted Colonel Reb, the now departed Ole Miss mascot, who the student body rose up and tried to replace with Admiral Ackbar solely because the collected student body figured out this was racist (prompting one of my friends to create this brilliant image). So as Elie asks, “Is it really news that the Ole Miss FedSoc is raceist?” [Ole Miss]

    * A visit with Bill Coleman Jr., the first African-American Supreme Court clerk. [Judicial Clerk Review]

    * More about the Stephentown incident in which 300 kids broke into a guy’s house and live-tweeted the $20,000 in damage they did. Some parents have threatened to sue him for identifying the kids who ruined his house — because blaming the victim is awesome! [IT-Lex]

    * Today in contrarian arguments, fracking could solve the global water crisis. [Breaking Energy]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.17.13

    * While “Stand Your Ground” only played a small role at the criminal trial, it can still loom large over a subsequent civil suit. [Time]

    * Nancy Grace summed up her objection to the Zimmerman verdict thusly: “Give Zimmerman back his life? He’s out on bond driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro.” For some reason I couldn’t get this American Dad scene out of my head after hearing that. [Newsbusters]

    * The Twitterverse killed Juror B37′s book, but this article asks if that’s a good thing? For my part, it seems disturbing to profit off a civic duty like that, but on the other hand, it would’ve been interesting to get more insight into B37′s psyche now that the other jurors are calling her crazy. [The Read Zone]

    * How about some non-Zimmerman news? Ever wonder which firm is the most liberal and which is the most conservative? Here are the charts you need. [Excess of Democracy]

    * Incoming law students: Here’s a guide to building your law school wardrobe. Or more accurately, a networking wardrobe because you can basically wear pajamas to class. [Corporette]

    * Yale is offering a Ph.D. in law because there are so few lawyers with ample experience looking for academic jobs. In all seriousness, though, I think it would be worth it — there’s a study out there that says a Law Ph.D. is really worth $2 million! [Ramblings on Appeal]

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    Read This Before You Embarrass Yourself at a Summer Associate Lunch

    Don’t even think about making an etiquette gaffe during a summer lunch!

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    Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

    How much are you spending on your administrative assistant or secretary this week?

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    Men’s Fashion: How to Find a Great Suit

    Men, are you searching for a new suit this season? Kat Griffin of Corporette has some style advice for you.

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  • winter girl RF

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    Looking Good When The Weather’s Bad: A Fashion Primer

    You don’t have to look bad just because that’s what the weather is like outside. Here are some tips and tricks so you can look good, no matter what.

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    Holiday Parties and You: All the Basics You Need to Know

    It’s just about time for law firm holiday parties. But what should you wear? What should you drink? Some tips from Corporette’s Kat Griffin.

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  • Not frilly and girly enough!

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    Attention Fashionistas: The Power Suit Is So Last Season

    While the power suit may be a fashion no-no for female lawyers, is it acceptable to wear emerging trends to work?

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  • Small Law Firms

    Size Matters: I’ll Have What She’s Having

    Valerie Katz wondered why she in career purgatory and her colleague from law school is a partner. She found the answer in a very well-crafted article on Corporette. Is it possible to fake it until you make it at a law firm? She’ll be doing an experiment to find out….

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  • Musical Chairs, Small Law Firms

    Size Matters: Breaking Up Need Not Be Hard To Do

    Ed. note: This is the latest installment of Size Matters, one of Above the Law’s new columns for small-firm lawyers. We all know that sometimes relationships end. Take Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. As my friend (who is a divorce attorney) always says, if things are not working out, end it and do not buy […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 08.18.10

    * We know you love rankings. Here are the top 25 national universities and liberal arts colleges, according to the 2011 U.S. News college rankings. [TaxProf Blog] * CHECK YOU ETHICS? In the seemingly endless Barbie/Bratz litigation, lawyers from Orrick, which now represents Bratz maker MGA, have accused Mattel lawyers from Quinn Emanuel of participating […]

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