Hashtag War

Last week, readers began submitting fun hashtags for the personally branded wine they’d like to see Biglaw firms handing out. We were inspired in all this by the ABA, who offered members a discount on slapping their firm label on a bottle of whatever wine they happen to be shilling.

It was a bold foray into a new medium for some, with several of you signing up to follow us on Twitter for the first time just to participate, which is awesome.

So let’s find out who wins….

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On Friday, we asked readers to submit fun hashtags for the ABA’s commitment to provide its members with cheap wine. Or at least with cheap, personally branded wine to give clients eager to drink cut rate wine with the label of a cut rate law firm.

So some of you took to the Hashtag War format we modeled on @Midnight. Check out the finalists for this Hashtag War and see if you agree….

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Happy Saints Cyril and Methodius Day! And I guess it’s St. Valentine’s Day if you’re not using the official Catholic calendar. If you’ve managed to secure freedom from the office at a reasonable hour tonight, you must have something romantic planned. And what could be more romantic for Valentine’s Day than a nice bottle of wine?

And while you’re brainstorming answers to that rhetorical question, will it help if I told you the wine was named after a law firm?

Because apparently that’s a thing….

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