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    As Bad As Legal Education Is, It Could Be Worse

    This former NYU law dean doesn’t exactly have a rosy outlook on the future of legal education.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.16.15

    * In a moving long-form piece, the Marshall Project details how the criminal justice system failed a rape victim. [The Marshall Project]

    * “As a debater, a product of Jesuit schooling, a scholar of religion, and a legal scholar, I was taught that words matter. Rational discourse matters. Setting an example matters.” NYU President John Sexton makes a powerful statement on the rise of Islamaphobia. [NYU]

    * Eric Schniederman is in the news for a reason unrelated to fantasy football — he’s banning the sale of realistic toy guns this Christmas. [Press Connects]

    * David Lat pontificates on this year’s bonuses. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg BNA]

    * That judge who held 3 kids in contempt for refusing to visit their father now faces disciplinary action. [Jezebel]

    * In economic terms, what do painkillers really cost? [Law and More]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 04.17.14

    * Cheerios is claiming that “Liking” them on Facebook constitutes a waiver of the right to sue. Let’s take this moment to encourage everyone to Like Above the Law on Facebook. [NY Times]

    * New study determines that the United States is an oligarchy instead of a democracy. You’re telling me a government explicitly founded on the principle that only a handful of wealthy men should have a voice grew into an oligarchy? Quelle surprise!

    * Oh look, John Edwards is back. [Slate]

    * In the continuing saga of NYU’s allegedly shady spending, there are now reports that former NYU Law Dean and current NYU President John Sexton used school funds to convert two apartments into a duplex for his son. His son was married to an NYU Law employee and as I’ve said before, a school located in housing-scarce Manhattan should be able to do something to house professors, but as they say, “the optics” aren’t good. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

    * Musings on what it’s like to clerk in the midst of “flyover country” (presumably like my early childhood home of Des Moines). It makes a valiant effort to redeem itself at the end, but this article is exactly why most parts of the country think New Yorkers are elitist dicks. Which, we kind of are, but you don’t want to broadcast that. [Ramblings on Appeal]

    * The government is profiting handsomely from law students. Is that really a bad thing? [Law & Economics Prof Blog]

    * A D.C. law professor is now a movie star. [Washington City Paper]

    * The judge in the New Orleans Affordable Housing case may know the real identity of one of the anonymous commenters in the case. And if one of the anonymous trolls was a federal prosecutor poisoning the well in the case — like everyone suspects — it could aid the defense. [Times-Picayune]

    * For those of you across the pond, there’s a one-day event for lawyers on the business case for Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s in England because American companies have already passed on the idea of corporate responsibility. [International Law Society]

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  • Lana Landis: You'd giver her all of your money, too.

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    Morning Docket: 07.18.13

    * It’s Alito time, bitch! If you were wondering about any of the cases in which the justice recused himself last year, his latest financial disclosure report is quite telling. [Blog of Legal Times]

    * Yet another appellate court has ruled that Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB were unconstitutional. Alright, we get it, just wait for the Supreme Court to rule. [TPM LiveWire]

    * Hey baby, nice package: With stock awards soaring, general counsel at some of the world’s largest companies had a great year in 2012 in terms of compensation. [Corporate Counsel]

    * NYU Law professors want Martin Lipton of Wachtell Lipton to swallow a poison pill and step down from the school’s board of trustees over his ties to the University’s unpopular president. [Am Law Daily]

    * Now that they’ve stopped acting like the doll they were arguing about in court, MGA has put aside its differences with Orrick to amicably settle a fee dispute in the Bratz case. [National Law Journal]

    * Who needs to go on a post-bar vacation when you can take a vacation while you’re studying for the bar? This is apparently a trend right now among recent law school graduates. Lucky! [New York Times]

    * A man puts assets into his pin-up wife’s name on advice of counsel, she files for divorce, and the firm allegedly takes her as a client. This obviously happened in Florida. [Daily Business Review (sub. req.)]

    * David Schubert, the deputy DA who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars, RIP. [Las Vegas Sun]

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    NYU Law’s Secret Slush Funds

    Documents reveal that NYU Law School uses a number of “non-profit” entities that funnel funds into playing the New York real estate market for the benefit of its professors.

    22 Comments / / Jun 10, 2013 at 12:54 PM
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  • Richard Revesz

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    NYU Law Dean To Step Down At The End Of the School Year

    NYU Law School Dean Richard Revesz will step down at the end of the academic year…

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