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    Morning Docket: 12.20.12

    * “As a lawyer, this is very sad for me.” Al Togut, the prominent attorney pulling all of the strings behind the curtain of the Dewey & LeBoeuf bankruptcy filings, wishes that there was some way that the firm could’ve been saved. [Am Law Daily]

    * Guys at my law school used to break into the registrar’s office to steal transcript paper all the time; it was no big deal. No really, as far as sentencing goes, apparently doing such a thing isn’t that big of a deal in Virginia. [Daily Progress]

    * That’s some nice lipstick you’ve got there, pig: Lincoln Memorial University’s Duncan School of Law is still trying to get ABA accreditation by changing everything it can, including its lax admissions standards. [Knoxville News Sentinel]

    * Even though Peter Madoff’s supporters showered the court with with letters filled with compliments ahead of his sentencing, the Ponzi victims aren’t exactly showing him the same kind of love. [WSJ Law Blog (sub. req.)]

    * This law firm in Texas is trying to make getting divorced a more pleasurable experience, so they invented something called the “Divorce Resort” — because there’s nothing like a four-star train wreck. [Huffington Post]

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    UVA Law Registrar Thief Pleads Guilty

    Turns out that covering up a GPA you incorrectly reported is way more difficult than just putting in the work to get good grades in the first place…

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    Facebook Spoliation Costs Widower and His Attorney $700K in Sanctions

    When a tipster sent us an e-mail with the subject, “Court awards $700,000+ in sanctions for destruction of FB page,” Chris Danzig thought it sounded like it might be interesting. Because hey, that’s a lot of money. He didn’t realize it would also be one of the most depressing legal news stories he’d read since the tragic Friedlander murder-suicide….

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