• Justice Samuel Alito


    Non-Sequiturs: 09.24.15

    * Is it possible to bounce back in Biglaw after a bad performance review? [Corporette]

    * Justice Alito takes his place with the far-right in recent anti-gay comments. [Slate]

    * Great tips to turn your terrible interview moments into wins. [Law and More]

    * Good news for law students in Louisiana. Scholarship money is up for grabs! [Harrell & Nowak]

    * New York Law School hosts the first annual Internet Safety Conference. [New York Law School]

    * Leave your legal job, refinance your loans, and become a be a full time author. Respect. [Time]

    * Careful what you blog or you could get suspended. [Legal Profession Blog]

    * The Bard comes out on top of SCOTUS citations. [ABA Journal]

    * The latest in legal events includes the ATL Academy for Private Practice. [Codex]

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  • Tim Tebow

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    Morning Docket: 04.11.12

    * Well, at least somebody’s getting a spring bonus. A Biglaw firm has folded against the EEOC’s will on the de-equitization of partners. And all of the underpaid old farts at Kelley Drye & Warren rejoiced! [Bloomberg]

    * Jets fans, are you ready for some football? That’s too bad, because no amount of Tebowing could have saved Reebok from settling this Nike suit. You’re going to have to wait for your damn jerseys. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * George Zimmerman’s lawyers, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, have dumped him as a client. They’re probably just pissed that the “defense fund” he set up wasn’t linked to their PayPal account. [Miami Herald]

    * Marrying a terminally ill client who’s as old as dirt may seem like a great way to make some quick cash, but it’s more likely that you’ll just be disbarred. [San Francisco Chronicle]

    * When you’ve been late to court so many times that a judge calls your behavior “premeditated, blatant and willful,” you better be ready to open your wallet. That’ll be $500; at least pay on time. [New York Law Journal]

    * If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — but only after a few years, banking on the off chance that the bar admissions people have forgotten about all the bad sh*t you did in law school. [National Law Journal]

    * Frank Strickler, Watergate defense lawyer to two of President Nixon’s top aides, RIP. [New York Times]

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