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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.13.11

    * Has anybody considered pouring a Chernobyl-like sarcophagus over the Wisconsin Supreme Court? [WSJ Law Blog] * If Mark Zuckerberg ever tries to sue Kash for stalking him, I’m sure a bunch of ATL readers will offer to defend her. [Not So Private Parts / Forbes] * Intelligent design my ass. An intelligent creator wouldn’t […]

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    Size Matters: Time To Get All Nancy Grace On You

    It has been a while since I took the S.A.T, but here goes. Nancy Grace: Casey Anthony Verdict; Valerie Katz: ________. A. Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio; B. Biglaw Spring Bonuses; C. Closed Compensation Model in Small Firms; D. All of the above; E. None of the above. Correct Answer: C. I, like Ms. Grace about […]

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    Breaking: Casey Anthony Verdict

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, Casey Anthony was acquitted of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. Nancy Grace didn’t just have a cow — instead, she gave birth to an entire herd.

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    Fear And Loathing On Headline News

    On Sunday night, I was sitting on my couch eating Chicken McNuggets®, when Lat Skyped™ me. The following is a faithful transcript of our conversation. Lat: Hey Juggs, I’ve got an assignment for you. Wait, why aren’t you wearing a shirt? Me: Why are you wearing a top hat? L: Touché. Listen, I have an […]

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    Morning Docket: 11.09.10

    * The Canadian Supreme Court is debating whether a woman can give prior consent for unconscious anal sex. When it’s that cold, I guess you do really freaky things to stay warm. [Vancouver Sun] * Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is just plain being anal. Yesterday, the Court rejected the first of the Obamacare lawsuits, […]

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