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    Non-Sequiturs: 02.20.15

    * A special committee of the Board of Governors at UNC Law is trying to shut down its Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity because its butthurt that the center spends it time talking about “poverty.” UNC Dean Boger thinks this is some bulls**t and says so. [UNC School of Law]

    * Becoming a patent lawyer has been one of the safest bets in an otherwise atrocious market. That may change. Study predicts a huge drop off in job openings. [The Faculty Lounge]

    * If you’re a radical law student, you’ll want to read this. [National Lawyers Guild]

    * So many social media contests are illegal. So be careful. [Grow]

    * Good to see scandals about fudging employment data aren’t confined to the U.S. [Legal Cheek]

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  • Three protesters on their way to Occupy Wall Street.

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    ATL Field Trip: A Visit to Occupy Wall Street

    Over the weekend, Lat realized that he needed some new white dress shirts. So he headed downtown to the Brooks Brothers at One Liberty Plaza in Manhattan. One Liberty Plaza happens to be located across the street from Zuccotti Park, site of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Since he was going to be in the neighborhood, he decided to pay a visit to OWS. What did he observe?

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