Oil and Gas

  • Preston Brooks caning Charles Sumner on the Senate floor in 1856


    The (Mostly Liberal) Political Ideologies Of American Lawyers, Law Schools, And Firms

    Some findings from the most extensive analysis of the politics of U.S. lawyers ever conducted

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  • troll RF

    Benchslaps, Legal Ethics

    Judge Throws The Book At Patent Troll

    What kind of shenanigans do you have to be up to for every single member of your in-house legal department and outside law firm to be disqualified from a case?

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    Interesting Facts

    Stat of the Week: Thanks polar vortex!

    Even if you have no idea what an MMbtu is, this surge in natural gas prices is pretty striking. Thanks polar vortex!

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  • law-school-gavels

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    Morning Docket: 11.29.12

    * Enjoy your Biglaw bonuses now, because according to managing partners, layoffs and de-equitizations may soon be making their return. Oh, only in Pennsylvania? Woohoo, break out the bubbly! Just kidding, that really sucks if it’s true. [Legal Intelligencer]

    * The Environmental Protection Agency has temporarily banned BP from entering into future U.S. government contracts because of the company’s “lack of business integrity,” aka the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Ouch, super sick burn, EPA! [National Law Journal]

    * Considering going to law school? Then you should also take into consideration the fact that you’ll have to become a lawyer if you want to stand a remote chance of ever being able to pay off your loans. [Fox Business]

    * Paul Ceglia pleaded not guilty to fraud charges yesterday in federal court. If only he actually owned half of Facebook as he claims, he probably wouldn’t have a court-appointed attorney representing him. [Bloomberg]

    * “No matter how many high-priced lawyers and publicists she employs, she has been exposed for what she is.” Jill Kelley’s lawyer is on the offensive, and his targets are none too pleased about it. [Associated Press]

    * Avvo has decided to sell its health business to focus entirely on providing services to lawyers and legal customers. Now the company will be able to do the law justice. (SWIDT?) [Puget Sound Business Journal]

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  • Back in the day, Ted Kennedy could cheat his ass off.

    Citigroup, Crime, In-House Counsel, Lawyer Advertising, Money, Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 08.30.12

    * ‘Unprecedented’ cheating at Harvard. Nice to know that Ted Kennedy’s spirit is alive and well in Cambridge. [Harvard Crimson] * Court accidentally posts secret settlement. That’ll teach these courts from keeping secrets. [Boston Globe] * Here is an appropriate response to a law firm brochure. [Lawprofblawg] * Former News of the World lawyer arrested. […]

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