Robert Morton Duncan

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    Non-Sequiturs: 11.02.12

    * As a tipster wrote, “This judge done lost her mind.” We don’t know about that, but something is clearly wrong here. [Chicago Sun-Times]

    * Another brutal — yet disarmingly tender — takedown of the bros who run IsAnybodyDown. [Popehat]

    * Robert Morton Duncan, the first black justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, RIP. [Times Union]

    * Yes, clients can be royal pains in the behind. But you still can’t hit an obnoxious client over the head with a baseball bat. [Charleston Gazette]

    * Major Kudos to McGuireWoods for the firm’s support of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. We encourage other firms (and individuals) to do the same. [American Red Cross]

    * “As American as the modern prison system” doesn’t have the same ring as “apple pie.” For better or worse, though, it’s equally true. [Cruel and Unusual]

    * LawDingo is a new company that connects potential clients with lawyers — all from the convenience of home. It’s the way of the future! [Dow Jones]

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