Samuel Logan

* “The road to this day has been long”… and hard. That’s what he said. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has finally been put to bed, and the next logical step would be to ditch DOMA. [PostPartisan / Washington Post]

* “Citizens United has been good for gay rights.” Well, at least it’s been good for something. Are we allowed to like the ruling in this case now? Bueller? Bueller? No? Okay, just checking. [New York Times]

* And another one gone, another judge bites the dust. $43K wasn’t enough to keep Justice Joseph Covello on the bench. How many more will it take to get a decent raise? [New York Law Journal]

* The First Circuit turned it around on Joel Tenenbaum, reinstating a $675K judgment against him. Charles Nesson couldn’t comment on the decision because he was crying. [Boston Globe]

* Ten-year sentence edition: Samuel Logan’s dad wishes he was still a judge on the Tenth Circuit so he could benchslap the sh*t out of his son for trying to seduce a 14-year-old. [Kansas City Star]

* John Banzhaf continues to fight for coeds’ right to party at Catholic University, but it’s not looking good because it’s hard to immaculately conceive when boys live in the same dorm. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, sang throughout his entire court proceeding yesterday. I guess he was practicing the jailhouse rock, because he got a double life sentence. [Wall Street Journal]

* Sam Logan, I bet your dad wishes that he was still on the Tenth Circuit so he could benchslap the s**t out of you for trying to seduce a 14-year-old. [Kansas City Star]

* “Before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you.” No wonder Apple products didn’t make the list of stuff black people like. [Apple Insider]

* An almost-Cooley grad faked it for over four years as an attorney. He must have one hell of an “O” face. [Chillicothe Gazette]

* Not only is Arianna Huffington accused of being a slave driver, but now she’s allegedly an idea thief too. This is a little bit too inception-y for me. [ABC News]

* Cyclists in New York City are being ticketed for imaginary offenses, and two law firms are taking up the cause. Looks like the NYPD took the training wheels off a little bit too soon. [Gothamist]

Federal agents played a little game of “To Catch a Law Firm Partner” last week. After a few weeks of online chatting with Samuel P. Logan, 45, they lured the Foulston Siefkin partner to a mall to meet the 14-year-old girl named “stazie” to whom he thought he had been sending naked photos.

Instead of his online Lolita, Logan met up with some very-of-age FBI agents. He’s now been charged with enticing a minor to have sex and one count of sending and receiving child pornography, according to the Kansas City Star.

That’s all pretty outrageous, but the story gets much more scandalous…

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