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    Quote of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!

    Josh is a very smart kid. I really doubt he would be involved in anything like that. He works hard, and he’s earned everything he’s gotten. – David Chefec, a “prominent” lawyer, commenting over a week ago on his son’s alleged involvement in the New York SAT cheating scandal. Chefec’s son, Joshua Chefec, surrendered to […]

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    Size Matters: Time To Get All Nancy Grace On You

    It has been a while since I took the S.A.T, but here goes. Nancy Grace: Casey Anthony Verdict; Valerie Katz: ________. A. Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio; B. Biglaw Spring Bonuses; C. Closed Compensation Model in Small Firms; D. All of the above; E. None of the above. Correct Answer: C. I, like Ms. Grace about […]

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