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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 06.18.15

    * You knew it was inevitable. The St. Louis Cardinals have lawyered up and are conducting their own internal investigation into allegations employees hacked Houston Astros databases. [Am Law Daily]

    * Real quick before you tweet that out — New York has updated its ethical guidelines regarding social media. Are you familiar with the best practices? [New York Law Journal]

    * Norway has said goodbye to the old boys network — at least when it comes to women’s representation on corporate boards. The top down approach that was successful in Norway may not be politically palatable in the United States, but it certainly provides food for thought. [American Lawyer]

    * Recently released documents (thank you FOIA) reveal a years-long legal battle between the federal government and UnitedHealth Group over Medicare overbilling. [NPR]

    * If it walks like a tax hike and swims like a tax hike and quacks like a tax hike, it’s probably a tax hike — no matter what double talk Governor Sam Brownback tries to sell you. Seriously, what is the matter with Kansas? [Talking Points Memo]

    * Nine people are dead after a gunman attacked a historic black church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Among the dead is State Senator Clementa Pinckney. The gunman is still at large. Our heart goes out to the families of the victims. [New York Times]

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    St. Louis Cardinals Hackers Facing Serious Federal Jail Time

    Can’t wait for St. Louis Cardinals fans to tell us about going to jail “the right way.”

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    This May Be The Best Cease And Desist Letter Ever Written

    Are the Boston Red Sox facing possible litigation over their World Series beards?

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