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Raise a glass to this emerging trend: lawyers entering the alcoholic beverage industry. Some have gone into brewing beer, like Bailey Spaulding of Jackalope Brewing in Nashville and the three guys behind Black Acre Brewing in Indianapolis (whom we recently mentioned). Some have gone into wine, like Elizabeth Banker, proprietor of Slate Wine Bar in D.C. (previously profiled here).

But some might scoff: “Beer? Wine? That stuff’s for lightweights.”

Real lawyers turn to liquor — which brings us to today’s profile in career alternatives for attorneys….

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Do you live in or around New York City? And do you like to drink (responsibly, of course)?

If so, here’s an event you might want to check out: the Caskers Craft Spirits Celebration, taking place on December 6 in downtown Manhattan. Guests will be able to sample amazing craft spirits — like a cacao-infused rum, and honey-infused vodka — from over 15 small-batch distilleries, and enjoy signature cocktails made by each distillery. In addition, guests will be able to participate in a live, hands-on cocktail making class taught by Steve Schneider, principal bartender at Employees Only.

Caskers, by the way, was founded by two lawyers (and Harvard Law grads). Steven Abt worked at Wachtell Lipton and Moiz Ali worked at Simpson Thacher, before their Biglaw jobs drove them to drink.

If you’re interested in the event, there’s a discount for Above the Law readers. When you go to buy your ticket on the website (affiliate link), just enter the coupon code “ATL10.” Enjoy!

P.S. Speaking of fun events, Above the Law’s usual holiday party has been turned into a party to usher in the new year (so as not to conflict with the proliferation of law firm holiday parties next month). Save the date: Wednesday, January 16.

Caskers Craft Spirits Celebration [Caskers (affiliate link)]

Lawyers tend to overindulge in the finer things in life — things like designer clothes, fast cars, and luxurious lawyerly lairs. Unfortunately, lawyers also tend to overindulge in alcohol. In fact, according to the ABA, about 13 percent of lawyers qualify as alcoholics. Keeping that in mind, practicing law may be fine preparation for a new career in the wine bar business.

Meet Elizabeth Banker. This former in-house lawyer for Yahoo! and current counsel at ZwillGen is putting her legal career aside to follow something she’s been passionate about since her college days: wine. (Despite sharing a surname, apparently she’s not a fan of Banker’s Club vodka.)

Back in the day, Banker drank gallon-sized jugs of Chablis. Since then, her “tastes have evolved,” and now she’s more of a high-class sommelier. Let’s learn more about Banker’s new business, and find out when opening day will be….

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