This is why the Character and Fitness test exists

Johnathan Perkins

When it comes to the protagonists of 2011’s biggest legal stories, our readers want to know: Where are they now? Last week, for example, we brought you an update on Casey Anthony, which generated keen interest (and traffic).

The recent alleged misadventures of certain UVA Law School students — students accused of breaking and entering, students accused of bothering bikers (to be fair, some bikers are obnoxious and deserve what they get) — have caused commentators to wonder: Whatever happened to Johnathan Perkins?

Johnathan Perkins was the then-3L at UVA Law who confessed to fabricating a tale of racial harassment by university police. As a result of his dishonesty, did he have to go before UVA’s famously strict Honor Committee? Did he end up getting his law degree? There was some ambiguity over whether he would graduate.

We have an update, based on a statement from the dean of the law school….

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Christopher Stone

On Southwestern Law School’s Web page for prospective students, the dean writes: “A remarkable number of major figures in the legal and business sides of the entertainment industry also come from Southwestern — as do many leaders of more traditional legal careers in both private and public sectors… We encourage you also to remember that the essence of an educational institution is the people associated with it.”

We previously associated Southwestern with then-washed-up actor Jerry O’Connell. The ex-Slider was a 1L there last year, and his experience demonstrates that you can still have good job prospects coming out of a third-tier law school. He didn’t even have to finish law school to nail down a job as a lawyer. SLS to CBS legal dramas!

Now, though, the school is about to be associated with a far less attractive student. We reported last week that rumors suggesting that Christopher Stone — purveyor of teen gossip and allegedly underage nude photos on his websites StickyDrama and Sticky-Noodz — would be attending USC Law School were false. A reliable source tells us that Stone and his Sonic the Hedgehog hair are actually enrolled to start classes at Southwestern this fall.

Due to his alleged posting of child pornography, Stone might have some problems with character and fitness down the road — but hey, that’s over three years away. Stone told us that he actually wrote about his site’s legal troubles in his application essays, and they let him in. We reached out to Southwestern to find out more about this incoming student of theirs…

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