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If part of your reason for going to law school is that, well, there’ll be a good job that you like and will pay well afterwards, then you’re maybe mistaken. There’s more than 90,000 lawyers in Illinois, and I’m not confident there’s enough jobs. Law school is no longer a safe road to a successful career.

Matthew Willens, the lawyer behind the “Anything but Law School” scholarship, explaining why he created the monetary award last year.

(If you’d like to apply for this scholarship, you can find the details here.)

I wish I had the financial wherewithal to join this lawyer in his crusade. Sadly, I’m poor, so my voluminous words on the topic will have to suffice. I can tell people not to go to law school, but this lawyer is willing to pay people to avoid the enterprise.

As part of a project called “Anything But Law School,” a Chicago attorney is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a winning undergraduate who chooses to pursue any post-graduate education besides law school. It won’t make a difference, but it certainly makes a point…

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