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Best Notice of Appeal Ever

It would be hard to find a court filing more boring than the notice of appeal. For all you non-lawyers, it’s the document by which a losing litigant gives notice of her intention to appeal. The notice of appeal gets filed with the court and served on the opposing party.
Usually the notice of appeal is a formulaic, bare-bones document that just identifies the decision being appealed from, the court being appealed to, etc. But this one is a bit more colorful:*
notice of appeal.jpeg
For penning such a wonderfully spirited notice of appeal, George C. Swinger, Jr., deserves counsel. Anyone want to represent him?
* Addendum: This post was based on an email tip from a reader. After drafting this post but before publishing, we learned that this NOA was previously discussed last month at both the Volokh Conspiracy and The Legal Reader (which we somehow managed to miss, despite reading both blogs fairly regularly).
Anyway, since we already went to the trouble of writing this up, we’re publishing it (in case any of you also missed this document). But yes, we’re aware that this is not “new” — so you can refrain from sending us emails telling us so. Also, the blogosphere is not the legal academy, so “preemption” isn’t as much of a problem.

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