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Lawsuit of the Day: You Don’t Bring Us Flowers Anymore

lindsay lohan shopping.pngOkay, we went to law school.* And then we practiced for several years. But we must confess that this lawsuit left us puzzled:

The owner of Kitson, the Robertson Boulevard clothing store favored by young celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Denise Richards, says [in a lawsuit] that Us Weekly magazine is intentionally omitting any mention of the store in its issues because of a nasty legal feud.

Kitson founder Fraser Ross claims the magazine reneged on a settlement in which it agreed not to disrupt the business or disparage the reputation of the store.

The lawsuit [against US Weekly] alleges the magazine now refuses to name or show the Kitson brand in credits, captions or celebrity photographs. As an example, the suit cited the magazine’s cropping of a picture in such a way that its blue shopping bags, “generally known to readers, did not display the name Kitson on it.”

WTF??? Can John Bash and Aditya Bamzai sue ATL for issuing paeans to Rachel Kovner, instead of raves about them?
We don’t have time to dig up and read the complaint, so can someone please check it out and enlighten us: What exactly is the cause of action here? And is this lawsuit as stupid as it seems?
Celebrity Boutique Sues Us Weekly, Saying Lack of Coverage Is Hurting Business [Los Angeles Times via WSJ Law Blog]
* Yeah, we know, our alma mater isn’t known as a real “black-letter law” kind of place. But when we were there, we went out of our way to take black-letter classes: Bus Org, Tax, Advanced Tax, Bankruptcy, and yes, you guessed it — ERISA. Woo-hoo!!!

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