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Impoverished Romanian Village Gets Trial Lawyers Before Running Water, Electricity

Borat Above the Law Legal Blog Law Gossip Borat.JPGThe Borat litigation juggernaut rolls on. And Fox, the studio behind the hit movie, is fighting back:

Fox attorneys filed a legal brief Monday slamming a request for a preliminary injunction against the hit comedy “Borat” as a “fatuous” attempt to thwart free speech, even as the studio’s legal battle spread to a second front.

“Plaintiffs may claim that they were tricked ‘into making fools out of themselves’ and becoming ‘unsuspecting players’ in the movie ‘Borat,’ ” the studio said in opposing the request. “They never contend … that bigoted and misogynistic statements were put into their mouths.”

The plaintiffs are the two fraternity brothers who are suing the studio for depicting them as bigots and misogynists — after they made, on camera, bigoted and misogynistic statements.
The frat boys may not be terribly sympathetic plaintiffs. But they’re not the only ones suing over Borat:

[A]ttorneys representing a pair of villagers in Glod, Romania, filed a $30 million lawsuit over their roles in “Borat.”

Filed in U.S. District Court in New York, the suit seeks to stop distribution of the film until scenes showing plaintiffs Nicolae Todorache and Spiridom Ciorebea are removed.

It didn’t take long for plaintiffs’ lawyers to discover Bhopal. What took them so long to find Glod?
Fox Fires Back at “Borat” Suit [Hollywood Reporter]
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