Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: October 2006 Couple of the Month

legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGYesterday we declared the final winning couple in Legal Eagle Wedding Watch for October 2006. So you know what that means: time for you to vote on which couple deserves to be crowned Above the Law’s October 2006 Couple of the Month.
If you need to refresh your memory about these different couples, our prior write-ups — with scores, links to their original NYT wedding announcements, and photos (in some cases) — appear after the jump.
But if you’re ready to cast your ballot, perhaps because you’re a friend of one these couples, here’s the poll:

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To review the competitors once more, check out their profiles, after the jump.

lori alvino mcgill 2 matthew mcgill matt mcgill lori alvino above the law.JPG1. Lori Alvino, Matthew McGill
Résumé score: 9.5. Readers of Underneath Their Robes are quite familiar with this dazzling couple (blogged about here and here). Lori Alvino — soon to be Lori Alvino McGill — is a former Supreme Court clerk, for Justice Ginsburg. ‘Nuff said. (For the record, she went to Columbia for college and law school.) Matt is an associate at uber-prestigious Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, in Washington, DC (where we’ll be speaking at the attorney luncheon tomorrow, btw). He went to Dartmouth for college (magna) and Stanford for law school, clerked for two federal judges, and was a Bristow Fellow in the Solicitor General’s office. Wow! (So where’s the missing 0.5? It’s because Matt McGill is not among the Elect.)
Family score: 9.1. Her father is a partner in the New York office of McDermott Will & Emery — very nice. His father is also a lawyer, a partner in Clifton Budd & DeMaria (which gets only the indefinite article from the Times, “a New York law firm”; but hey, they do have 20+ lawyers).
Balance score: 8.9. Matthew McGill’s impressive educational and professional credentials, including that incredibly prestigious Bristow Fellowship, help to close the yawning gap that typically exists between members of the Elect and the Great Unwashed.
Beauty score: 9.2. Yes, this score is very high. But Lori Alvino is a knock-out, and Matt McGill is pretty good-looking too. We base our score not on the picture in the Times, but on the superior photograph we have in our possession (above right). In addition, we have met Lori in person — on a sidewalk in Old Town Alexandria, on St. Patrick’s Day 2006 — and can confirm that she is just as gorgeous in person.
Overall score: 9.18.
Additional comments: Sigh. It’s no fun to have “Couple of the Month” decided before the month is only halfway through.
katherine dowling marc axelbaum 2 above the law.JPG2. Katherine Dowling, Marc Axelbaum
Résumé score: 9.1. She’s UVA and Harvard Law, now working as an AUSA in San Francisco (Northern District of California) — very prestigious, especially given the desirability of that district. He’s Cornell (cum laude) and Columbia Law, now working as a senior associate at Pillsbury Winthrop. And props to him for surviving a clerkship with Judge Marsha Berzon (9th Cir.) She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Family score: 9.1. Very impressive, especially the dads. Her father is the chairman of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, an investment bank in Atlanta. Her mother retired as a VP at MONY Financial Services in New York. His father is a radiologist, and his mother is a disability consultant to social service organizations.
Beauty score: 9.0. Marc’s an athletically attractive guy, perfectly good-looking — but Katherine is a stunner. She’s a blonde beauty reminiscent of Mira Sorvino.
Balance score: 8.8. She may have a slight edge over him; but on the whole, they’re well-balanced and complementary. On the job front, they’ve struck a nice balance between private and public sector employment (i.e., income and prestige, respectively).
Overall score: 8.93.
Additional comments: She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named officiated at the wedding. She opened the ceremony with a Wiccan chant.
jennifer greene kenny marines jennifer l greene.jpg3. Jennifer Greene, Kenny Marines
Résumé score: 8.7. Both are Williams College grads. She went to Brooklyn Law (cum laude), clerked for a bankruptcy judge (in the S.D.N.Y.), and will be going into bankruptcy — the department, not the financial state — at Simpson Thacher (the other highlight of their credentials, besides Williams). He’s an associate at the Tishman Speyer real estate firm.
Family score: 8.4. Her father is a veterinary surgeon, and her mother is the senior VP of a technology and services company. His father is a retired carpenter, and his mother is a home health care attendant for the elderly.
Balance score: 8.7. Hard to gauge the impressiveness (or profitability) of Kenny’s employment with Tishman Speyer; but it seems to us that Jennifer has the edge.
Beauty score: 9.4. Yes, this is one of the highest scores we’ve awarded in a long time — but check out that photo! They’re both gorgeous. If she’s 5’8″ or above, she belongs on a runway. And so does he. You know someone is truly beautiful when they look great even with a shaved head. It’s all about the features.
Overall score: 8.80.
Additional comments: Extra points if this is a multi-ethnic union. A rabbi officiated, so one or both of them is Jewish; but we’re guessing that Kenny is Latino, based on the names of his parents (Emelania Fernandez and Juan Marines).
lisa humphrey andrew tauber andy tauber andrew e tauber.jpg4. Lisa Humphrey, Andrew Tauber

(Disclosure: We went to law school with Mr. Tauber.)
Résumé score: 9.3. More advanced degrees than you can shake a stick at! Lisa is a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at the University of Hawaii; she already has a master’s in the field. She was at Dartmouth for her undergraduate studies. Andy went to Wesleyan for college, before getting a Ph.D. in political science at MIT — wow — and a law degree at Yale — double wow. He’s now in the prestigious appellate practice of Mayer Brown’s D.C. office.
Family score: 8.9. Her parents are both retired Foreign Service officers, which is pretty cool; her mother was the consul general at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. His mother is a retired partner of a PR firm; his father is a retired “information scientist” (not sure exactly what this is, but we bet he’s super-smart).
Balance score: 8.8.
Beauty score: 8.7. Attractive; great smiles. The Hawaiian climate must agree with Lisa.
Overall score: 8.93.
Additional comments: Judge John G. Koetl (S.D.N.Y.) officiated. Judge Koeltl has presided over some pretty impressive weddings over the years.
david griffel dave griffel.jpg5. Marjorie Zauderer, David Griffel
(Disclosure: We went to college with Dave Griffel, and we were colleagues on the school newspaper.)
Résumé score: 9.3. Very strong. She earned undergraduate and master’s degrees from Yale, and an M.D. from Columbia. She’s now an internal medicine resident at New York-Presbyterian. He went to her school’s archrival for college, and to NYU for law school (magna, plus an LLM in Tax). He’s now a tax lawyer at Schulte Roth & Zabel.
Family score: 9.0. The two dads are high-powered: hers is a vice president and counsel at Travelers, and his is the chair of the music history department at Juilliard. Her mother is a copy editor, and his mother is an editor and author of two books on opera.
Balance score: 9.0. She went to Yale, he went to Harvard. She’s a doctor, he’s a lawyer. Both are from the tony town of Riverdale. They are well-matched.
Overall score: 9.10.

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