Nationwide Layoff Watch: Fulbright & Jaworski

Fulbright logo.JPGYou know, call me naive but I really thought we’d make it through the whole week without anybody getting laid off in Biglaw. After the government bloodletting earlier this week, I just had a good feeling about private practices retaining all their people for a week.
If I were in a Star Wars movie, I’d probably be dead now. Multiple independent sources report that Fulbright & Jaworski laid off ten people: six associates and four staff.
The numbers aren’t huge, but our sources tell us that this was not a “performance review” cut:

All but one of the associates were first years who started in September. [Fulbright] hasn’t claimed there was gross incompetence on the part of [the laid off first years].

Sorry first years.
Office details after the jump.

Sources report that all of the laid off employees were in Fulbright’s Los Angeles office. The firm has not responded to our request for comment, so we don’t know if the L.A. information captures the full scope of the layoffs at the firm.
But, as usual, tipsters in Texas feel secure:

I heard something was going on in L.A., but can’t confirm. I can confirm that nobody is coming for my wife or my “lexis” down here.

Is there testosterone in the water supply in Texas or something? I don’t think silver bullets laced with kryptonite could shake these guys.
In any event, good luck Fulbright L.A. friends. Now that the firm has broken the seal on the week, I’m sure you’ll get some laid off company soon.
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