No Offers, Summer Associates

Nationwide No Offer Watch: Look to the Left, Look to the Right, One of You Will Not Be Working At Cadwalader

no offer factories.jpgLate last week, offer calls went out to those who summered at Cadwalader. We now have the firm wide offer rates. Compared to some other firms, it’s really not so bad.
Here is the information from a firm spokesperson:

Cadwalader made offers to approximately two thirds of our 2009 Summer Associate Class.

Cadwalader went through its layoffs early and often. People who summered at CWT had to know that the firm isn’t one to defer associates. Instead, Cadwalader recently asked some of its laid off associates to comeback … as contract attorneys.
Given all of that history, a 66% offer rate seems pretty good. In fact, even some of the CWT summers that were no offered didn’t sound too angry about the situation. One no offered summer described it this way:

The hiring partner was very nice about it, and offered to serve as a reference when I pursue other jobs, and I was repeatedly told that it was for purely economic reasons … I was upset, but I understand what the economy’s like right now, and I’ll be ok, may just take a while.

Things could be worse. Good luck with 3L recruiting, CWT friends.
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