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The Elena Kagan Look-A-Like Contest: Who does she most resemble?

Le Fou and Le Kagan

Solicitor General Elena Kagan is a woman to be respected. She’s a product of Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard Law School. She’s one of the Elect (OT 1987 / Marshall). She’s taught at two of the nation’s top law schools and served as dean of one of them. She’s America’s lawyer, and if confirmed this summer, she’ll become the 112th justice of the U.S. Supreme Court — and the fourth woman to hold that position.

She’s inspiring.

She inspires in other ways too, though. Ever since photos of her started gracing websites and newspapers across the land, she has inspired comparisons to numerous other people and fictional characters when it comes to her looks, ranging from Kevin James of King of Queens to Kathy Bates.

She just has one of those faces. BuzzFeed picked up on our post about who she looks like and came up with a list of 24 people she resembles.

Let’s settle this. Who does she MOST resemble? Vote, after the jump.

We’ve winnowed the list down to 10 candidates (with additional names below the poll). Here are the contenders:

You can also vote at Vizu. We’ll let you know who Lady Kaga’s official doppelgänger is next week.

Here are all of the contenders, along with a few honorable mentions:

24 People Who Look Like Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan [Buzzfeed]

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