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Nationwide Salary Thaw: Happy Happenings at Hogan?

Last Wednesday, the firm of Hogan Lovells — formerly known as Hogan & Hartson, before its recent merger with U.K.-based Lovells — made an announcement about associate salaries.

So what went down?

Alas, it’s not clear. We received some tips from Hogan sources informing us that there was an announcement / meeting on July 14, but they failed to provide information about what transpired.

A correspondent at a Hogan peer firm heard the following:

I heard third-hand that Hogan had an associates meeting [last week] and told them that they’ll make up the salary freeze at the end of the year to associates who make their hours.

Can you confirm? Covington is still paying D.C. people less than California and New York, even though D.C. associates bill more hours.

Making up a salary freeze to lawyers who hit their hours? This sounds a lot like what Hogan announced back in December. Was the announcement a new policy or just the status quo?

What went down at Hogan last week? If you know, please email us (subject line: “Hogan compensation news”) — with the memo if you have it. Or tell a friend or law school classmate what happened, and have them email us. Thanks.

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