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From Laid-Off Lawyer to… Cleaning Lady!

A Dealbreaker reader was out and about on the Upper West Side, and something caught his eye. He moved in for a closer look, snapped a photo, and sent it to Dealbreaker. Our colleague Bess Levin has been having a grand old time ever since.

Me? I just want people to see it before they go to law school. I want people to see it before they write television shows about the lavish lifestyle of lawyers, or complain that young lawyers feel a sense of entitlement.

But mostly, I want somebody out there to get me a wide angle shot of the photo — I’m in the market for these services…

If people stopped grabbing their J.D.s out of a toilet, we might not have so many lawyers available to scrub one.

UPDATE: You can read more about the laid-off lawyer turned cleaning lady, a woman by the name of Alice Lingo, over at Law Shucks and the New York Daily News.

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