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Caption Contest Finalists: Living in a Van, Down By the River

Last week, we asked for possible captions for this sad, strange photo:

You must really want an Above the Law t-shirt, because you made it hard for us to pick the finalists. Elie and I were able to narrow it down to the Final 10. Vote for your favorite finalists after the jump.

As you know from our last post about the Caption Contest, we got a little more high tech with our voting system this year. If you want to vote for your favorite finalist, you must CLICK HERE.

You can then vote for your favorite by giving it a thumbs up. Voting will end on Thursday, June 30, at 11:59 p.m. Just as a reminder, the top three finishers will each receive Above the Law t-shirts. But only the winner will receive respect.

Again, CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite finalist.

And by the way, my dad is a Doctor, not a Mister, and his sandwich board handwriting is much better, thank you very much.

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