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A Recap of Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene

Hurricane Irene: She came. She saw. She blew. She sucked? In the wake of Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene, people have been expressing their displeasure with the way this natural disaster panned out. Apparently, we’re now so bitter as a society that we’re wishing greater harm upon ourselves. That’s a little sick, no?

After days of preparation, there is still a lot of damage to deal with in the aftermath of the storm. So, for all of you Irene naysayers, consider these facts. Across the Eastern Seaboard, millions of people are without power. As of this morning, at least 21 people have lost their lives. We’re looking at estimated property losses of $7 billion.

UPDATE (1:10 PM): The property losses could actually run as high as $13 billion, meaning that total economic losses could reach $14 billion to $26 billion (because “the rule of thumb is that total economic losses are equal to about twice property losses”). See this interesting post, entitled “How Irene Lived Up to the Hype,” by Nate Silver.

In the legal world, we know that it pays to be prepared, but there are some things that we just can’t work around….

What can’t lawyers work around? The Connecticut Bar Association emailed members today, for example, to report that there are several courthouses still without power (full message reprinted below).

Come on, did you really think that we were going to litigate with flashlights in hand? We’re sure that Connecticut isn’t the only state where courthouses are without power, so the wheels of justice might be turning a little bit more slowly today.

But fear not, because when the power is turned back on, lawyers will be there to do battle with insurance companies over covering your losses.

So, readers, how did you fare against the wrath of Irene? Did you travel to work by inflatable raft this morning, or are you just annoyed with your leaky window (like me)?

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The Judicial Branch has posted the following information regarding the Judicial Branch facilities that do not have power and will be closed today.

As of 7:15 a.m. the following is a list of Judicial Branch facilities that presently do not have power that we are aware of. This list will be updated regularly.

All Judicial Branch employees should check the website by 9 a.m. If your work site is listed as being closed at 9 a.m. and you are not a Judicial Marshal or a maintenance staff member who must report, do not report to work.

Tolland Judicial District Courthouse
69 Brooklyn Street

GA 11 in Danielson
120 School Street

Litchfield Judicial District Courthouse
15 West Street

New London Judicial District Courthouse
70 Huntington Street
New London

GA 10 at New London
112 Broad Street
New London

Willimantic Juvenile Courthouse
81 Columbia Avenue

Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center and Courthouse
60 Housatonic Avenue

Middletown Juvenile Courthouse
230 Main Street

Administrative offices at:

225 Spring Street, Wethersfield
936 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield
Warehouse at Hammer Mill, Rocky Hill

(hidden for your protection)

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