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And I Was Like Baby, Baby, Baby I’ll Trade You My Virginity for Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber (image via Getty)

As someone who is nearing the age of 30, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I listen to Justin Bieber’s music. Fine, I don’t just “listen” to Justin Bieber’s music. I know all of the words to several Justin Bieber songs. They are just so damn catchy.

Anyway, teenagers today are obsessing over the Biebs like how I went nuts for New Kids on the Block, then the Backstreet Boys, and finally *NSYNC. I wasn’t truly obsessed, though (I only saw one *NSYNC concert). But these Bieber fan girls are die-hard, and even have a name for themselves: Beliebers. That’s a little over the top, even for crazed teenyboppers.

And in Mexico, one Belieber chica is truly going loca in an attempt to score a ticket to Justin Bieber’s Mexico City concert. She’s so loca, in fact, that she’s willing to trade her virginidad for him….

Ayyyyyyy dios miooooo!!! The things crazed Mexican teenagers will do for a Justin Bieber concert ticket. Gawker has more on this pedophile’s wet dream:

According to Mexican news outlets, the hysteria around Justin Bieber’s upcoming Mexico City concert has reached such levels that a girl has even offered to trade her virginity for a ticket.

“My virginity for a ticket to Justin Bieber,” one girl wrote on Facebook, according to El Norte.

Now, we’ve written in the past about a woman who was willing to trade sex for World Series tickets. And that woman was busted for prostitution. But this is a little different. This is basically a teenager turned prosti-tot trying to peddle her precious v-card on Facebook just for a chance to see the Biebs. See what you’ve done to this world, Bieber?

Pure lunacy. And to be honest, he’s not even that cute. He’s like a little boy fetus. I’d be really surprised if he can grow facial hair. He kind of looks like a girl. And on that note, there’s actually a whole website dedicated to lesbians who look like this “teen dream.”

But to get back to the point, I know that the authorities allow all sorts of crazy sex exploits to go on down in Mexico, but are there any prostitution laws that this girl’s Facebook solicitation may have violated? I don’t know, so I turn to our readers to help us decide.

What I do know is that if some pervert takes this Belieber up on her offer, there’s gonna be one less lonely girl.

Teen Girls Offering Their Virginity for Justin Bieber Tickets [Gawker]

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