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At Brigham Young, OCI Is A Laughing Matter

As we mentioned yesterday, on-campus interview season has started at law schools all across the land. We’re happy to serve as your one-stop shopping center for all things OCI. Just send us an email (subject: “OCI”) about the things going on at your school that deserve more attention.

Today’s news is on the funny side. It appears that the wild and crazy kids from BYU Law are taking the stress of OCI in stride….

We know that BYU Law is a place of haves and have-nots when it comes to the job hunt. Given the economy, there aren’t really enough OCI slots to go around.

Some BYU Law students decided to have a little fun with that fact. They put fliers up on school study carrels with this little “news” story:


Upset by his lack of on-campus interviews for summer associate positions, Matthew Call, a second year BYU law student, decided to wear a suit to class anyway so others would think he had an important interview.

“I also have this stylish leather pocket folder,” said the dapper looking Call, as he crammed it full of copies of his resume from the co-op printer. “And check out these shoes!” added Call as he produced the $25 microfiber shoe chamois he had purchased for the occasion and removed a few flecks of dust from his already brightly polished shoes.

The ruse effectively deceived Call’s classmates. “Yeah, he has an interview,” offered another student when asked about Call’s job prospects. “I asked who he was interviewing with, and he mumbled three last names I didn’t catch and he said, ‘you know the litigation one,’ so it must be, uh, Durham Jones Pinegar, right?” Pleased with his success, Call was considering using similar tactics to improve his lackluster dating life.

It’s funny because I’m almost positive it’s true. Maybe not at BYU, but I’m sure that somewhere there is a student who is wearing an interview suit right now to fool his friends.

Thing is, you’re not fooling anybody, dude. People with interviews are wearing knee pads under their suit.

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