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Hey Everybody, Don’t Call the ‘Guy in the Suit’ a Lawyer!

Last week, we saw just how powerful everyday citizens can be when they work together. In a highway accident in Utah, motorcyclist Brandon Wright was dragged under a burning vehicle and trapped. Wright could have been killed, but in a triumph for the human spirit, a group of bystanders lifted the car and pulled Wright to safety. The rescue was captured on YouTube.

Well, we should correct that account: almost everyone in the group of bystanders helped to lift the car so Wright could be pulled to safety. One guy, a man who shall forever be known as the “Guy in the Suit,” was standing around and watching. Actually, the Guy in the Suit took a break from standing around to LEAN ON THE CAR that a man was trapped under. Is this guy the worst human being on the planet, or what?

It figures that someone claiming to be a personal injury lawyer came forward as the Guy in the Suit….

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of the miraculous, fiery rescue (and make sure to pay close attention to the actions of the Guy in the Suit):

After being completely vilified on various social media outlets, someone claiming to be the Guy in the Suit decided to come forward in a YouTube comment (posting as “MrBillyDixon”):

i’m the guy inthe suit….a guy came running to me and said he needed a lawyer and handed me five dollars so i was hired… once he hired me i coundt be apart of the rescue and as advice to my client he would be better money wise if he died. so i did nothing cause it was my job to help my client.

Wow. Way to make it look like members of the legal profession are complete scumbags.

Storyful, a news website that creates “socially useful journalism,” attempted to put a face to MrBillyDixon’s name, and this is what they came up with:

The name corresponds to a Utah-based lawyer named William Dixon who works for a personal injury law practice. They blog a LOT about traffic accidents.

So now, thanks to Storyful, the internet thinks that the Guy in the Suit is allegedly lawyer William Dixon, of Dixon, Truman, Fisher & Clifford. I mean, he looks like a nice enough guy. He spent his undergraduate years at Brigham Young, and graduated from Baylor University Law School in 2005. He sounds like your average dude from Utah. He can’t be that big of a douche, can he?

So this morning, I decided to give him a call to see whether Dixon, the alleged lawyer in question, is actually the Guy in the Suit.

William Dixon

I explained to Dixon (who, for your information, answered the phone as “Will,” not as “Bill” or “Billy”) who I was and what I was calling about, and he sounded kind of shocked, asking, “You mean the accident up in Logan?” Dixon then explained that he was not the Guy in the Suit, because he’s based in St. George, Utah.

After hanging up the phone with Dixon, I discovered that Logan and St. George are approximately 382.83 miles apart (thanks Mapquest).

So, guess what, internet?

William Dixon is not the Guy in the Suit. Wearing a suit, being a lawyer, and acting like a complete and total douche might not be mutually exclusive for some people in this profession, but Dixon doesn’t seem to be one of those people.

The moral of the story here is that you can wear a suit and be a douchebag, but you don’t have to be a lawyer to do it. We might not have souls, but not all lawyers are evil bastards.

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