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I Am Not a Crook Ho: Reema Bajaj Pleads Not Guilty

Reema N. Bajaj

Remember Reema Bajaj? Well, how could you forget her? This highly attractive Illinois solo practitioner was hit with prostitution charges back in June — and the legal world hasn’t been the same ever since.

In August, word on the street was that Bajaj and DeKalb County prosecutors were nearing a plea agreement. But it seems that those discussions have broken down like a cheap condom.

Yes, that’s right: Reema Bajaj isn’t going down without $100 a fight….

Here’s a short report from the Daily Chronicle (which was the outlet that previously reported on the supposed plea discussions):

A local attorney charged in May with prostitution pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

Reema Bajaj, 25, of the 100 block of Penny Lane in Sycamore, was indicted on charges of prostitution within 1,000 feet of a school, a Class 4 felony punishable by up to three years in prison, and two counts of prostitution, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by less than a year in a county jail.

Circuit Judge Robbin Stuckert read the charges against Bajaj, represented by attorney David Camic, and explained possible penalties if convicted during a court hearing Tuesday at the DeKalb County Courthouse.

Is it possible that Bajaj is just pleading not guilty for the time being, with a plea deal to follow? Sure. But she was charged back in June, and it’s now October. The case doesn’t sound complex; two of the counts are misdemeanors. Shouldn’t an agreement have been reached by now?

Meanwhile, as the case drags on, we keep hearing from admirers of Reema. Some of them plead for the nude photos of Reema Bajaj that we previously mentioned. For example:

Hi! I’ve been following the case of the beautiful young and sexy Reema Bajaj out of Sycamore Illinois who was charged with prostitution. You’ve written some very good stories. Sadly you’ve not offered any proof!

[In one prior story you claimed] you received some very tantalizing pictures of Miss Bajaj but you couldn’t publish them because the guy who sent them to you told you not to. BUT did he say you couldn’t pass them on to others and then THEY could publish them? I would really like to see more of Miss Bajaj, she is absolutely stunning. And that sort of sneaking around the truth and handshakes and agreements is what lawyers do, isn’t it?

I’ve done extensive searches on the Internet for pics or videos of her and the only thing I found was some guy saying he would sell the pictures for a low low price. Sounded fishy to me.

See, I am madly in love with Miss Bajaj just based on her pictures alone. Dazzling smile, long dark hair, delicious figure, smooth flawless skin, seemingly intelligent and friendly, and single as far as I can tell. I would love to spend some time with her in the future.

Take a number, pal. As an Illinois tipster who knows Bajaj personally once told us, “She’s absolutely gorgeous. I am a happily married man, but she gives me baaaaaad thoughts. She is sparkly, flirtatious, funny and just… ungodly hot.”

Bajaj’s next appearance (in court) is scheduled for October 18. We’ll keep you abreast of developments in this case.

Local attorney pleads 
not guilty to prostitution [Daily Chronicle]

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