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Law Students: The ABA Wants to Help You ‘Put a Dent in Your Debt’

Here at Above the Law, it seems like we complain about the American Bar Association on an almost daily basis. But you know what? It’s Friday, so we’re going to cut the ABA some slack.

We’re a little tardy to the party on this one, but today we have some news for law students that could possibly put some money into their pockets, all courtesy of the ABA.

Shocking, right? Law students, you’ll want to take part in this sweepstakes, but act fast, because it all comes to an end on Halloween….

A tipster alerted us that the ABA was running a sweepstakes on its Facebook page called “Put a Dent in Your Debt, One Dime at a Time.” Sure, the ABA could be doing a thousand other things to help law students, but this month, they decided to assist them with pocket change. Maybe they’re trying to help law students prepare for their pan-handling days ahead?

Check out the details of the sweepstakes here:

Paul Caron of TaxProf Blog notes that the the promised “proceeds of up to $10,000″ would only be available if 100,000 law students “liked” the ABA for Law Students page. At the time of the writing of this post, only 15,160 people have “liked” it. That’s roughly $1,516 — nothing to sneeze at, but certainly nowhere near ten grand.

So, law students, what are you waiting for? Enter the sweepstakes now! Please keep in mind that this sweepstakes is only for law students at ABA-accredited law schools. In other words, everyone and their mother and their dog can enter.

The drawing for this grand prize will take place on November 1. Here’s hoping that one of our readers hits the jackpot!

ABA for Law Students [Facebook]
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