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October Lawyer of the Month: Drunk and Disorderly

It’s time to announce the winner of October’s Lawyer of the Month competition. Our readers had a motley crew of female lawyers behaving badly to choose from, and one male attorney who probably would have loved to keep company with them all.

But which kind of lawyer do our readers like the best? Drunk, naked, rich, or slutty ones? In this polling cycle, we learned that money can buy just about anything, except enough votes to win an ATL contest….

Just 11 votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finisher. Our condolences go out to Ira Schacter, a Cadwalader partner who reportedly decided it was a better investment to buy a $215,000 engagement ring for his Playboy-bunny ex-fiancée than hearing aids for his deaf daughter. It looks like money can’t buy class, either.

So who is October’s Lawyer of the Month? None other than DLA Piper partner Laura Flippin, a woman who proved last month that she can drink just about anyone under the table. Flippin’s claim to fame — or infamy, as the case may be — is that she allegedly blew a .253 after stumbling around bleeding on the William and Mary campus.

Flippin may have graduated from UVA Law, but she’s a member of the William and Mary Board of Visitors. Does anyone know if she attended W&M Law’s Fall From Grace affair? It would certainly be a fitting title for her — and un-flippin’-believably awesome if she was one of the drunken individuals who ruined the party.

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