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Finals Give Students the Chance to Occupy Their Law Schools

Law students, we know that finals time is rough, because we’ve all been there. Sometimes getting together with a study group is a great way to take the edge off (not to mention a great way to “suceed” with friends). Amid the excitement of the fall 2011 bonus season, these kids are buckling down and studying their tails off, in the hopes of some day getting a dime of what Biglaw associates are currently complaining about.

And like good little scouts, these law students are prepared. Okay, maybe some of them are a little bit too prepared. When your classmates email us to let us know that they hate studying at the law school because of you, maybe you need to give it a rest….

It appears that law students at George Washington University School of Law have taken the Occupy movement quite literally. We received the following email, subject line “Why We Hate People Studying for Finals at GW Law and Choose to Study Elsewhere,” from a tipster:

Seriously. These kids “moved in” to the law school. Pizza warmer (but honestly who owns one of these anyways?!) and a coffee machine, even though Starbucks is down the street. These kids are epic tools and love law school a little too much. Fail.

Fail indeed. But hey, if these kids are trying to occupy GW Law, at least they’re doing it in a productive way. Here’s a picture of the encampment (faces have been censored to protect the law lame):

Our tipster was spot on: who owns a pizza warmer? We thought that those became extinct in the 90s. Is one of these Occupy GW Law kids banging a MILF and rummaging through her old kitchenware? This is a very serious question.

One of them has to be, because check out that coffee maker… what in the dark ages hell is that? Have these poor, unfortunate souls not heard of a Keurig machine? If you really want to occupy the law school in style, you should invest in one.

So, what’s the moral of the story here? If you must occupy your law school to study for finals, you might want to do so in a way that isn’t offensive to your classmates. Or at least share the wealth — toss them a warm slice of pizza and a freshly-brewed cup of Dunkin’s finest sludge. People will be less annoyed by you, scout’s honor.

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