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How to Succeed in Law School Without Really Trying? Make a College Kid Do Your Work

Hey 1Ls, is law school getting you down? Are you tired of doing your 1L bitchwork, like briefing cases? Then have we got a deal for you! For the low, low price of a weekly cup of coffee, you can outsource all of your undesirable tasks to an up-and-coming sucker! Because why try your hardest to succeed when you can get someone else to do it for you?

As one tipster puts it, this is exactly what an “unbelievably entrepreneurial 1L” is doing at a top-tier, southwestern law school. Watch out, law schools: you’re not the only ones who can play the game of duping unsuspecting undergraduates.

Does this kid have what it takes to farm out his work to a gunner in training? Let’s find out….

Several tipsters from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law emailed us to put us on high alert about a job opportunity being offered by a classmate on Craigslist. This law student seems to be offering undergrads the chance to do his work for him under the guise of a “pre-law legal externship.” (Longtime ATL readers will be reminded of the stunt that a 2L at New York Law School tried to pull back in 2010.)

For an unknowing college kid, the job listing (available here) seems pretty sweet:

Interested in Law School?! Don’t know if you’re interested and want the Law School experience to see if it fits you?! Want to start off Law School already knowing how to brief your cases, Ace your Finals, and manage your time?! Don’t pay thousands of dollars for pre-law courses when you can have One on One mentoring with a current UA law student.

This is a Pre-Law Externship, meaning financial compensation is minimal, as the actual compensation comes in preparation for Law school through working with a current University of Arizona Law student.

Oh boy! Who wouldn’t want to start law school ahead of the game? This seems like a surefire way to be in the top ten percent of the class and get the Biglaw job of your dreams! So what does this “externship” entail?

Our entrepreneurial law student wants his extern to spend two to three hours a week preparing his case briefs, attending occasional lectures, and serving him coffee. In exchange, the extern will get free coffee, and the advantage of being “light years ahead of … fellow law students” during 1L year. Ugh, way to groom those future gunners.

In order to apply for the position, undergrads must supply their name, age, major, and the reason why they’re interested in law. According to the externship coordinator, “Resume/Achievements is also a plus.” This might as well read: “Please prove that you’re not any more stupid than you already are for applying to be my extern.”

So what do other Arizona Law students think of this externship posting? A classmate notes:

No word yet on which student posted this, but all my fellow students I’ve talked to find this anonymous student incredibly douchey. Farming out their labor to undergrads? Pathetic…

Pathetic, or partner in the making? You decide! We’ve provided a copy of the complete Craigslist externship ad on the following page. What do you think? Is this kid a douche, or destined for greatness? And if you happen to apply for the job (we might have), let us know what kind of response you receive.

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