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Size Matters: Plot Idea For Miss Congeniality 3

Like most of you, I spend my free time trying to come up with a plot idea for Miss Congeniality 3. Indeed, Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous were just not enough. It is hard, however, to mess with perfection.

Having reached the limits of my creativity, I decided to look to actual events (and, of course, small law firm news) to serve as the inspiration for my movie plot. And I found just what I was looking for, thanks to a real-life Miss Congeniality and Mr. Social Security.

Intrigued? Check out photos of a certified hottie, after the break….

Kia Hampton

The beautiful and congenial Kia Hampton, Miss Congeniality USA 2011, recently joined the Eric C. Conn Law Firm, a Social Security disability law firm, as the Public Information Director. In her new role, Hampton will provide the public with information regarding Social Security benefits and serve as the spokeswoman for the firm, “spreading awareness about the different events and services” provided by the firm.

Eric Conn explained Hampton’s role as follows:

I know with Kia on our team, we will be able to expand the organization by hosting more events and increasing our public services, which will ultimately enable us to accomplish the important mission of reaching more people with the message about Social Security Disability.

While I am not sure what will go down at these “events,” Hampton will likely inform people of the following facts about the Eric C. Conn Law Firm.

1. The Law Firm is A Law Firm.

Oh yeah, the Eric C. Conn Law Firm has lawyers! Why should this matter? Because these legal eagles took “the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), attend[ed] an ABA-accredited law school, and pass[ed] the bar exam. [And] . . . must abide by the rules of professional conduct.”

2. Eric Conn Went To Harvard Law School.

I do not think he obtained his J.D. there, but he did attend a “program of instruction for lawyers” there. And, I bet he visited there many times.

3. The Eric C. Conn’s Law Firm’s Office has the Second Largest Seated Statute of Abraham Lincoln.

Why does this matter? I’m not sure, but that Kia Hampton sure is pretty!

4. The Eric C. Conn Law Firm Employs 40+ Team Members.

Why does this matter? Because, like Hampton, many of these “Team Members” are sweet eye candy. Be still my heart, Team Member Ken!

Not only does this sound like an awesome law firm, but it sounds like the perfect setting for Miss Congeniality 3: Armed And Billing Hours. Sandra Bullock will not be playing the part of Public Information Director, however; rather, Bullock will work along side the real Miss Congeniality, as a lawyer (a real one!) at the Eric C. Conn Law Firm.

Spoiler alert: Bullock is sitting at her desk — dressed in chinos and a sweater set, toiling away on a Social Security disability case — when the bad guy enters the firm. Instead of reaching for her gun, she reaches for her BlackBerry. Awesome!

When not writing about small law firms for Above the Law, Valerie Katz (not her real name) works at a small firm in Chicago. You can reach her by email at and follow her on Twitter at @ValerieLKatz.

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