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February Lawyer of the Month: Grab Your Glocks

It’s time to announce the winner of February’s Lawyer of the Month competition. The slate of candidates our readers voted on was full of judicial divas, and their respective antics definitely overshadowed the rest of our competitors’ deeds (or misdeeds).

In a month where a lawyers filed a dozen class action lawsuits against law schools, you shrugged. In a month where a former Cravath associate lost his law license, you looked the other way. Instead, you opted to vote for a man who we assume to be a card-carrying member of the NRA.

Let’s take a look at February’s Lawyer of the Month. Grab your glocks when you see Tupac this judge….

Thirty-six votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finisher, but we still think our silver medalist is worthy of some additional mention. Judge Tonya Parker is an openly gay judge in Texas, and she stood up for what she believed in when she refused to marry straight couples. You go, girl!

But Judge Parker just couldn’t compete against former Judge David Barrett. Maybe it was because they feared for their own safety, but our readers couldn’t help voting for this gun-toting ex-jurist. Barrett revealed that he was packing while an alleged rape victim was on the stand testifying, and he pretended to hand her the gun. After all, she was “killing her case,” so why not just shoot her lawyer?

Would that more judges expressed their innermost thoughts and feelings like Barrett. It would certainly make for more interesting target trial practice.

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