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Comment of the Week: Praise Be to Xenu

How the hell are we supposed to pick our Comment of the Week when there was a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week? I mean, really, people are still nursing their Fourth of July hangovers, which made this week’s pickings a little slim.

Luckily for us, Katie Holmes fell prey to the Curse of 33, and “blindsighted” “blindsided” Tom Cruise with divorce papers, just in time for his 50th birthday. You’ve got to feel a little bad for the guy — his marriages all die quicker than Goose.

So this week, we picked the winner from the TomKat divorce post. Hold on to your thetans, folks, because we’re about to ride into the danger zone….

Our Comment of the Week was written by none other than my favorite regular female commenter, Isolde. This lady will not only call you out on your sh*t, but she’ll make you laugh in the process. If we elected a Queen of the Commenters, I’d gladly bow before her. Bonobo_Bro would obviously be elected King, but Isolde would turn around, bite his head off, and devour him whole like a bitchy praying mantis.

Anyway, she makes a pretty damn good point about Scientology:

I’m glad we’re going to take the Church of Scientology at its word about the Sea Org, though. Surely, if any organization has earned a reputation for credibility, reasonableness, and rationalism in the marketplace of ideas, it’s the religion that was founded on a series of crappy sci fi books.

Boom, roasted. Hopefully she won’t be made to face the wrath of Xenu for her remarks.

Isolde, please send us your contact info via email so we can get you a t-shirt. (And because I literally have no shame, so you can be my e-BFF. Yay!)

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