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Lesbian Law Student’s Explicit Law Firm Sex Diary Goes Public

Lawyers aren’t known for their attractiveness, nor are they supposed to have sex lives. Because really, how are they supposed to fit in time for getting it in when they’re supposed to be working 100 hours a week?

Law students, however, are a completely different story. Law students have plenty of time to get down and dirty, and when they do, you can be sure that their sexual partners are at least moderately good-looking in the real world. Let’s face it: as a law student, it’s almost like you’re wearing beer goggles to gauge the overall attractiveness of your classmates. A law school “10” is most assuredly a real world “7” or “8” — still hot, but not quite as appealing outside of hallowed halls of your law school.

But you know what will bump up the attractiveness quotient of any law student? Putting your sex life online, in graphic detail, where everyone can read about all of the hot lesbian action that you’ve been getting as a summer associate at a law firm.

This isn’t the first Sapphic summer story to grace our pages, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Avert your eyes if need be; reader discretion is advised….

This weekend, the Daily Intel blog of New York Magazine had a rather sexy piece that provided a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a 26-year-old summer intern at a law firm in New York City. This law student notes that “[b]eing a summer intern at a law firm is an exercise in gluttony and high-functioning alcoholism.” Based on her description of the firm, it sounds as if they’re still living in the heyday of summer associate glory. And from this graphic sex diary, we’ve been able to glean that this girl is single and ready to mingle.

We don’t know what this law student looks like, and we don’t know her name, but you can leave that stuff up to your imagination — it’s more provocative that way. For our own purposes, we’ll call her Veronica, because that’s a perfect name for a lipstick lesbian who goes through women faster than she changes her panties.

In just one week’s time, this alluring lesbian accomplished the following sexual feats:

One sweet goodnight kiss; one mostly self-induced orgasm; one co-worker hookup; one sexting session; one entirely self-induced orgasm; one heterosexual liking confession.

A co-worker hookup? A summer sexcapade with an intern has got to be against the rules… but rules were meant to be broken, and that makes this story even hotter. Veronica tells us that her co-worker had recently “gotten entangled in her first lady-on-lady relationship,” and while on a happy hour bar tour, Veronica’s co-worker started “giving [her] eyes.” And those come-hither bedroom eyes can be a dangerous thing:

8:30 p.m. Co-worker convinces me to come back to Brooklyn with her to a friend’s party. She puts her arm around me in the cab. I put my hand between her legs and slide it up her skirt. I do it because she had been flirting with me, but I’m not really committed to hooking up with her.

Later that night, we learn that Veronica works extremely quickly. Bored with the party, she informs her co-worker that she wants to leave, but her co-worker clearly wants some more of the cab-ride entertainment that she received earlier from her intern. In just 17 minutes, the time it took to take a cab to her co-worker’s apartment from the nearby party and step inside, this is what happened:

10:20 p.m. She is totally naked, and I’m still basically fully clothed. Her bedroom is not air-conditioned. I’m kissing her hard and running my hands up and down her thin and delicate frame. I slide two fingers in her, then three. I can tell that I could fist her, if she would let me. I keep my fingers moving in her, shimmy down and also start licking her clit. She doesn’t touch me; I wasn’t expecting her to, so I’m fine with that.

11:10 p.m. She wants me to stay the night. I know that will just make things more awkward later. She comes outside in just her underwear to kiss me good-bye on the stoop.

Yes, Veronica, this kind of sexual encounter might make the rest of your days at the law firm a bit awkward, especially if your co-worker has any say in whether or not you’ll be given an offer at the end of the summer (as opposed to a fellow summer associate). But since it seems like this silver-tongued law student was able to give her co-worker a happy ending, Veronica may just receive her own, in the form of permanent employment in the future.

If not, we hope that she’ll consider an alternative career as a romance novelist. Reading about sex is hot — but reading about it in elegant prose, with correct usage of dashes and semi-colons, is even hotter.

The Lesbian Law-Firm Intern Hooking Up With Her Co-worker [Daily Intel / New York Magazine via Morning Docket]
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