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Above The Law Helps Crowdsource A Win In Cosmo’s Bachelor Of The Year Contest

Two short weeks ago, we brought you news about the lone lawyer who represented the entire profession in Cosmopolitan’s 2012 Bachelor of the Year contest. Ryan Chenevert, also known as Mr. Louisiana, graduated from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center this past spring, and found out that he passed his state’s bar exam last week. October was already shaping up to be a good month for him.

When we last spoke to Ryan, he told us that he didn’t think he stood a chance against the competition — after all, there were professional soccer players and Olympic gold medalists in the running, and he was “just a regular guy with a law degree.” But as it turns out, regular guys with fine physiques and matching legal credentials can win big, too.

We knew that Above the Law had some major pull in the legal community, but never before did we think that we had the power to crowdsource a win in a national competition….

That’s right: thanks in part to you, our readers, Ryan Chenevert was able to take home the title of Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year, along with a $10,000 prize. Behold the beauty of this Southern stud’s abs of steel:

Click here to see some footage from Cosmo’s annual Bachelor Party — where some contestants stripped and gyrated their hips — and where Ryan was announced as the winner. I, for one, was quite pleased that his first reaction was to immediately remove his shirt. We had the chance to speak with Ryan again today about how he dominated the competition with his good looks and charm. Here’s what he had to say:

How did it feel to win? Were you surprised?

I was shocked. Just about everyone thought that Texas was going to win. Then the announcer said my name, and it took a second to for it to register with me, because I was like, “NO WAY!” It was like a hitting a home run in the bottom of the ninth. It was a really cool experience.

Why did you immediately take off your shirt when your name was announced?

After I grabbed the check, the announcer leaned over and said I’d have to walk down the catwalk again, but this time, shirtless. I’m a pretty shy guy, so I was a little nervous about doing it. When we did our individual runway walks before they announced me as the winner, I didn’t take off my shirt. Instead, I brought some Louisiana to New York and tossed out beads to the crowd. That was actually my mom’s idea.

So no, I didn’t strip off my clothes when they said my name. The fine folks at Cosmo just edited the film to make it look like that was my initial reaction.

How do you think you were able to get so many votes?

Above the Law was one of the very first publications to get the word out about the contest and support me through both weeks of voting. I was the only attorney among all the competitors, and because the legal community is such a close-knit group, I think their votes put me over the top. The editor-in-chief of Cosmo told me that I was the number one vote-getter, and that the majority of the magazine’s editorial staff voted for me. I’m so thankful that ATL was willing to help me out.

Any inspiring words for fellow lawyers?

Just about anything is possible. If you’re a genuine person, you can come out on top as a winner. I passed the bar last Friday, and one week later I won $10,000. It’s been one hell of a week!

Our most sincere congratulations go out to Ryan for his well-earned victory. He’s still looking for post-clerkship employment opportunities, so if you’re hiring in Louisiana and the surrounding area, we encourage you to contact him through his LinkedIn page. Once again, congratulations to Mr. Louisiana, Ryan Chenevert!

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