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Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Who Took A Plea Deal On Sexual Misconduct Charges Is Now Considering Law School

Do you remember Sarah Jones, the high school teacher who moonlighted as a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and sued gossip websites like in her spare time?

In case you’ve forgotten, allow us to refresh your recollection: Jones sued for defamation and invasion of privacy over a post entitled “The Dirty Bengals Cheerleader” that alleged she had slept with all the members of the Bengals team and had STDs. In that post, wanted to know the answer to this question: “Why are high school teachers freaks in the sack?”

Perhaps one of Jones’s former students can answer that question for us, because back in March, she was indicted for having sex with one of them. As we mentioned in Morning Docket, Jones took a plea deal yesterday on the lesser charge of sexual misconduct that will allow her to avoid jail time.

Now that she’s got all of this free time on her hands — she resigned from her teaching and cheerleading jobs in late 2011 after rumors of her sexual escapades with a student began to spread — what will she do?

Well, the next logical next step is obviously law school….

According to Jones’s lawyer, Eric Deters — the same fellow who won an $11 million default judgment for Jones, before it came to light that he had sued the wrong company — Jones is going to try to get herself situated on the right side of the law. The Washington Post has all the details:

[Deters] said that Jones will not try out to be a Bengals cheerleader in the future, and that for now, she’s working as a legal assistant in his office.

Jones has expressed interest in becoming a lawyer and is studying to take the Law School Admission Test, he said.

It’s actually kind of humorous that she’s working as a legal assistant now. In this kind of a job market, doesn’t she know that’s exactly what she’ll be doing again after she graduates from law school?

Perhaps she’ll take the December administration of the LSAT, in which case we’ll wish her luck — she may need it. After all, given what we know about her history in the legal system (she sued for ruining her reputation, and then ruined it herself), it doesn’t seem like her logical reasoning skills are up to par.

But even so, Jones probably won’t have to worry about not being admitted to law school due to any prior transgressions. From former bank robbers to former murderers, law schools seem willing to accept just about anyone forgive a problematic past. Let’s just hope these law students can pass the character and fitness test after they graduate.

At the very least, whatever school is lucky enough to have Sarah Jones will have excellent fodder for their “law school porn” — no, not that kind of porn — because a student body never looked so good.

Ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader pleads guilty to having sex with former high school student
[Washington Post]

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