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Law Librarian Claims She Lost Nearly 80 Pounds On The ‘Starbucks Diet’

Last week, in the wake of the Jennifer Livingston fat-shaming drama, my email inbox was inundated with diet tips and tricks from readers who were interested in helping me reach my weight loss goals. Much to my surprise, no one recommended that I partake in the “Starbucks diet” — but that’s probably because no one knew that it existed.

Well, that’s not true, because one person, a law librarian at a Top 50 law school, is certainly aware of its existence, and she claims that it helped her to lose nearly 80 pounds over a two-year period. To lose that much weight, you may be wondering how she was able to subsist on a diet of coffee grinds alone, but she actually eating quite healthfully from the Starbucks menu. (Apparently the establishment serves more than just delicious pastries and Frappuccinos. Who knew?)

Who is this woman, and how can you follow the Starbucks diet? Let’s find out….

Meet Christine Hall, the Director of the Alexandria Law Library, and a part-time reference librarian at George Mason University School of Law. Before Hall started on the Starbucks diet, the 5’4″ woman weighed 190 pounds. Just two years later, she weighs 114 pounds. How the hell did she do it? From TODAY:

Christine Hall didn’t join an expensive weight-loss program or sign up for a meal-delivery service to help her lose nearly 80 pounds. In fact, she never even goes to the grocery store.

Instead, as she lost the weight over the last few years, almost everything she consumed has come from Starbucks. …

A daily menu could consist of oatmeal for breakfast and a 5-calorie cup of coffee, a “bistro box” with fruit and cheese for lunch, and, she said, “I love a panini for dinner because it fills me up.”

She never goes to the grocery store? Is this woman living in a home without food? It must be really easy to lose weight if your refrigerator is completely bare. But then again, maybe she just drives herself to D.C. if she has late-night hunger pangs, because the Georgetown Safeway location is open 24 hours a day.

Hall is on a maintenance diet now, and she says she plans her food intake in advance each day, which can’t be that hard seeing as she’s “memorized the calories in everything” on the Starbucks menu. Perhaps she’ll be able to turn this into a marketing ploy to become the next Subway Guy, or in this case, the Starbucks Lady. Look at it this way: she probably wouldn’t have to work two jobs if she were worth $15 million like Jared Fogle.

After all, you can never be too rich or too thin — especially in an industry where it pays to be beautiful.

Librarian claims she lost nearly 80 pounds on a ‘Starbucks diet’ [TODAY]

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