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Quote of the Day: Poetic Justice?

Pass the bar exam
Setting out to change the world
Debt crushes the dream

— One of the 10 law-inspired haikus chosen as a winner by the ABA Journal’s Ross Essay Contest selection committee. Each winner will receive $500.

(For your reading pleasure, we’ve selected some additional haikus that we thought our readers would really appreciate, after the jump.)

This one was written by an ex-Sidley associate. How many Biglaw first-years have experienced this?

First-year attorney
Dreams of SCOTUS victory
Stuck on doc review

OMG, did Tristan Taylor Thomas win $500? Wait, no… this one was written by a law clerk at an Am Law 200 firm. Guess he was still looking for a job back in August when the ABA Journal was seeking submissions:

recent graduate
summa cum laude and still
home and unemployed

I submitted one back in 2010, along the same lines. Same sh*t, different year?

Just graduated
My class is totally screwed
Waahh, soul-crushing debt

Check out the rest of the law-inspired haikus here, and feel free to submit your own in the comments.

Read 10 Law-Inspired Haiku, Contest Winners Announced [Legal Rebels / ABA Journal]

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