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Benchslap of the Day: Keep It Short, Sweet, and Humiliating

Quit crying, you baby.

If there were such a thing as the perfect benchslap, this would probably be it. It comes from the great state of Texas, where federal judges are prone to calling attorneys stupid attention whores, where invitations to “kindergarten parties” are issued to lawyers who can’t be civil with their adversaries, and where judges order each other to “shut up” in open court.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, we present this gem….

This benchslap comes from Judge Lynn N. Hughes, a man who’s been described as “egotistical and rude” and “[u]nquestionably the single worst judge in the Southern District of Texas” over at The Robing Room, a place where lawyers can anonymously judge and evaluate members of the federal judiciary.

That sounds pretty harsh, but when you read this Order, you’ll see why we think he’s absolutely fabulous:

Judge Lynn Hughes

Keep your whiny electronic drivel to yourself. Need we say more?

The “not your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall” line isn’t entirely new, but this latest version is more stark, and therefore a better benchslap. And we’re glad to see His Honor believes in recycling.

“The court is not an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall,” judge teaches a troll Douglas McIntyre [Fight Copyright Trolls]

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