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Why Take Out Student Loans When You Can Finance Law School as a ‘Sugar Baby’?

The horrors of student loans are much discussed here at Above the Law, if only because law school tuition is so damn high, and housing expenses are so damn costly, that financing a legal education usually requires taking out about six figures of non-dischargeable debt. That’s quite a heavy load to carry. If only there were some way to pay the bills without going to the poorhouse in the process.

Apparently there’s a new way to deal with the rising costs associated with higher education in this country, and you don’t even have to lose your dignity to participate. You see, Seeking Arrangement, the leading “sugar dating” website, recently released statistics showing that more and more college co-eds are turning to “sugar daddy” and “sugar momma” arrangements to pay for their school-related expenses.

And hey, if all the college kids are doing it, why can’t law students fall in line with the latest trend?

Last week, my colleague David Lat proposed taking a gamble and going to law school because hey, what else are you going to do with yourself? Now it’s my turn to propose something that seems silly on its face, but has undertones that are extremely relevant to modern day law students and law school graduates.

So let’s face the facts here and admit that becoming a sugar baby would have some definite perks for law students. When you can afford the finer things in life on someone else’s dime, being a “prestige whore” takes on a whole new meaning. You may have to sell your soul to become a lawyer, but at least if a sugar daddy or sugar momma pays your tuition, you won’t have to sell your body after you graduate.

According to Seeking Arrangement, students from undergraduate schools with associated law schools that are ranked very highly by U.S. News and World Report have been signing up in droves to take part in these “mutually beneficial” arrangements with wealthy donors — schools like NYU and Columbia.

And no, you don’t have to put out (all the time) to be a sugar baby. The New York Daily News explains:

Not all “sugar babies” are obligated to have sex with their generous “sugar daddies,” [Company spokesperson Jennifer] Gwynn said. They have to agree on the terms of their relationship. Sometimes, it’s companionship and sometimes it gets more intimate.

“Just like any relationship,” she said.

See, it’s really not that big of a deal. Of course, some people disapprove of entering into these kinds of relationships, even going so far as to declare that there’s a clear need for more financial aid if people are willing to turn to sugar parents to finance their educations. Also clear: the NYU theater major who uttered those words doesn’t understand that when she can’t get a job as an actress, she’s going to want to punch herself in the face for suggesting additional loan assistance be offered over a reduction in tuition and fees.

While it’s obvious the legal academy is in a state of flux, we know that, on the whole, law school tuition isn’t going down any time soon. In fact, if you’re a law student, you’ll probably receive your tuition hike letters in the mail some time this semester. You must be oh so tired of doling out cash when you’re financially strapped.

Save yourself the trouble of paying back loan dollars later, and get a filthy rich sponsor to support you now!

Would you be a sugar baby to avoid having law school debt?

  • Yes. I don't want to be the government's whore -- I'll be someone else's. (65%, 588 Votes)
  • No. I still have some self respect -- I only bend over for partners. (35%, 323 Votes)

Total Voters: 911

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