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Easily The Lamest Law School Thing You’ll See This Week

File this under “what is this, I don’t even.”

A law school is out with its new ad campaign for the upcoming application season. Calling it “lame” or “uncool” or “hackneyed” or any of the other words in the English language that denote a distinct inability to appear genuine or interesting doesn’t do the ad justice. It is a truly pathetic attempt to look “hip” — the ad is in the form of text messages between supposed friends.

I’m describing it poorly. My descriptive powers are impotent against such shark-jumping corniness. Just look…

TaxProf Blog put this up on his site yesterday:

I can’t even make jokes here. All the jokes are too obvious. “They just got Coif too.” WTF man? W-T-F?

What was the second place ad? “Richmond Law: Free Beepers For Admitted Students.” “Richmond Law, Now With Westlaw Access.” “Richmond Law: Don’t Feel Bad About Being A Virgin, You’ve Been Studying.”


Dude, Richmond Law! [Tax Prof Blog]

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