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Would-Be Law Student Weasels Acceptance Out Of Law School After Being Rejected — By Suggesting He’ll Sue

Getting placed on a law school admissions wait list can be traumatizing if you overthink it. The admissions officers thought you were good, but not quite good enough. They’re waiting to see if they’re desperate enough to allow a simpleton like you to become a member of the entering class. You could be in law school limbo for weeks, or even months.

Imagine how devastating it would be to receive a rejection letter after languishing on a wait list for what seemed like eons, hoping and praying that this would be the school to accept you. Imagine how vindictive you’d be if you were under the impression your application had been guaranteed special consideration. Imagine what it would be like to exact your revenge upon another cruel admissions dean, as you’ve done so masterfully in the past.

Keep reading if you want to see how to weasel your way from a rejection to an acceptance by making veiled threats of impending litigation….

This correspondence comes to us from the gentleman who previously won our awesome a-hole award for harassing an admissions dean over the grammatical and typographical errors found in his rejection letter.

Here’s the email he received on July 27 from Tracy Simmons of Chapman University Law, after he’d sat on the wait list for some time. They send out rejection emails these days? That’s harsh (click to enlarge):

Ain’t nobody going to reject this future gunner. It seems this guy completed some coursework at Brandman University, which is part of the Chapman University System, thinking it would confer a special advantage upon his law school application. With a website that preaches about how the school allows students to “TASTE SUCCESS,” it must really suck to get a great big mouthful of failure.

Here’s the would-be lawyer’s response to Chancellor Gary Brahm of Brandman University — sent the same day he received his rejection email — using language found on the school’s own website (click to enlarge):

“I am reserving the right to all options, but I look forward to your thoughts.” Hmm… close, but no cigar. We think the phrase you were looking for there might have been: “Please be guided accordingly.”

It looks like the school was guided accordingly. On August 4, one week after he’d already been rejected from Chapman Law, our law school rebel with a painfully clear cause received this letter in the mail:

Whoa. This is what can happen when you refuse to give up. Sure, people might think you’re an epic tool, but at least you’ll get what you want. Is this guy in your class? Haha, have fun with that.

P.S. Given the law school’s employment stats for the class of 2012, with only 36.5 percent of graduates employed in long-term, full-time jobs requiring bar passage, we have a funny feeling you may be repeating this line after graduation: “I have discovered the extent to which my degree is completely worthless.”

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