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Former Biglaw Associate Starts Escort Company

Ladies, you’re very busy. Billable hours come first, and you have no social life to speak of. If only there were a service that would allow you to rent some male companionship for less than your hourly rate.

Don’t worry, because one of your former colleagues out in the trenches has got your back. She started a business to bring lonely women “handsome, smart, and talented men on demand” — it’s like Seamless, but with a penis.

Who is this wonderful woman and which Biglaw firm does she hail from?

Meet Sara Shikhman, a Penn Law graduate who used to work at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Rent A Gent, a company “created by women for women.” Shikhman and a panel of judges carefully curated each of the men available on the website, and says she’ll do “80 to 100″ interviews before even finding one man who’s acceptable. Sounds typical for finding the right man.

Here’s more, from ABC News:

“Women are paying $200 an hour. … I want to give them something like a fine French restaurant, where it’s going to be amazing,” she said. “We have satisfaction guarantee so I need to stand by it. I can’t give them something crappy where they’re going to be like, ‘I could have met that guy at the bar.’”

Shikhman said she and the other Rent-A-Gent casting ladies are looking for their men to meet three criteria.

“They have to be handsome, they have to be intelligent and educated, and they have to have some kind of talent,” she said.

During the audition, Shikhman has the men show off their bodies, sometimes asking them to take off their shirt, and demonstrate their talent, whether it’s plumbing or dancing.

While we’re sure there are many, many Biglaw women who would love to have their drains plumbed by a rented gent, we should mention that this is a strictly “no sex” service. Only your egos will be stroked, ladies, not your nether regions. Here’s just a sample of the men available for rental on Shikhman’s site:

Teach me, Robert, teach me! If you’re interested in renting a man, you can see all of your options here. On behalf of the women of Biglaw who don’t have time to date, thank you very much, Sara Shikhman!

P.S. We understand we get a free $50 Rent A Gent credit just for writing about this magnificent service. We are SO excited to figure out what we’ll do with our rented man. Help us come up with ideas!

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