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Partner Accused Of Emailing His Graphic Erotic Fantasies To Associate

Partners think that they have all the power in the world, and when they want something, they try to get it — no matter what the cost. From new toys, to new clients, to new women, their voracious appetites for more are simply insatiable. If these playthings are unattainable, partners will become acutely aggressive in their pursuit, especially when it comes to potential sexual conquests.

Take, for example, the case of a prominent partner who recently found himself on the receiving end of a sexual harassment lawsuit. He allegedly sent a first-year associate videos about sexual techniques and engaged her in discussions about that literary classic, Fifty Shades of Grey (affiliate link).

Did we mention this alleged tour de force of sexual harassment culminated with the partner purportedly sending the associate emails describing his workplace sexual fantasies in great detail?

Ross Day of the Day Law Group is being sued by Andrea R. Meyer, a former associate, who is seeking $450,000 for emotional distress and lost wages. Meyer claims that she didn’t have a problem with Day until the pair went on a business trip together in December 2013. It was allegedly during that fateful three-day trial that Day told Meyer she “smelled nice” and invited her to come into his adjoining hotel room if she had any questions after he went to bed. Needless to say, Meyer did not take Day up on the offer.

The next month, Day allegedly began his discussions of Fifty Shades of Grey with Meyer, and followed up on that by sending her a video link to the “Girlfriend Activation System,” which is basically a pick-up artist technique designed to open up the dark secrets of the female brain. Meyer was “disgusted” by it, so she stopped watching, but from my basic understanding, apparently all women have an “obsession story” in their inner psyche, and it’s triggered by literotica (like Fifty Shades and other “mommy porn” books).

Maybe that’s why this ridiculousness allegedly occurred in January and February, per the Oregonian:

Andrea R. Meyer

The suit claims that in January and February, Day used a fake name to send Meyer emails about his fantasies — including one that graphically described a sexual workplace affair. The suit states that Meyer was able to determine that the IP address that the messages were sent from belonged to Day — and that when confronted, he admitted he authored the emails and apologized. Meyer told him to stop sending the emails, the suit says.

Day called an all-staff meeting a few days later, and allegedly announced that he’d sent sexual emails to “many” people, and apologized to everyone. Meyer claims she later found out that she was supposedly the only one in the office who’d received “sexually inappropriate emails” from her boss, Ross Day.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see a copy of the lawsuit because the Multnomah County Circuit Court’s online case search system is down, so we’ll just have to imagine that Day’s fantasies involved scenes from the movie Secretary, where he cast Meyer as a very, very naughty girl in need of a spanking. Bad girl!

We wonder if this graduate of Lewis & Clark Law can find what she’s looking for at the end of this lawsuit: enough dirty, sexy money to pay off whatever law school debt she might have.

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