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Biglaw Associate Secretly Struts His Stuff As An Underwear Model — Because Why Not?

The job scene for recent law school graduates is still a little rough around the edges. Just 57 percent of the class of 2013 managed to secure full-time, long-term positions as lawyers within nine months of graduation, and those who found one of those golden tickets are clinging to them for dear life. Biglaw hiring, on the other hand, was up by about 10 percent, and the 3,989 members of the class of 2013 who are now working as associates are as happy as can be.

Enjoying their starting salaries of $160,000, many of these new lawyers are high on life. While some of their colleagues are mass-emailing pictures of their biceps to entire state bars just to get a job, these associates are kicking back in their offices without a care in the world (save for their billable hours).

One new associate felt so secure in his employment that he decided to take up a side gig as an underwear model — using his real name. Seeing as this associate has been working as an interchangeable cog in a large machine, how will his firm feel about his parading around half-naked online?

Over the weekend, we received some information about an associate in Winston & Strawn’s New York office. One of our informants told us that this first-year attorney was “supplementing his sizable income with… debatable assets.” Another wondered whether there was a new bonus policy, because this fellow apparently has “a lot of time on his hands to take his clothes off while still at Biglaw.”

Hmm, an associate who sheds his suit to show off his sexy bod? We like this guy already.

For starters, this fellow’s LinkedIn profile certainly looks harmless enough. There’s no nudity here:

He’s been working at Winston since October 2013. It’s his Instagram account where things take a turn:

#DatAssDoe, indeed. It turns out this guy’s been modeling for TieDye Undies, a company that promises a “party in your underoos” with every pair. These career-busting briefs are handmade and sold on Etsy.

While we’re not entirely sure how this will affect his Biglaw partnership prospects, we think Dorian Thomas has a fairly good idea: He’s already deleted his Instagram account. What a shame. We’ll miss you, stud.

He might not get a bonus package this year, but we’ve seen his package, and that’s bonus enough for us.

Would you like to see the pictures that might cost this lawyer his livelihood? Of course you would.

(You can flip through the following pages to see Dorian Thomas in all of his safe-for-work glory.)

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