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Caption Contest Finalists: The Height Of Law School Toolishness

Earlier this week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this picture:

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and vote on the finalists…

Here are the finalists for our latest caption contest, which were quite awesome (a few with the most “likes” from readers in Disqus, and a few underrated captions that received the most “likes” from yours truly):

A. Bluebook Rule 16.7.1 “When appearing in a tattoo, a law review or journal citation must be placed above the ankle or on the lower back. If on the lower back, the tattoo should be placed no more than 6 inches or less than 3 inches above the crack and should be accompanied by the appropriate tribal design in accordance with table T17.”

B. Getting this tattoo was the second dumbest thing this student did with his money.

C. At Ohio State, you don’t write into Law Review, Law Review writes onto you.

D. If you want to know why people hate lawyers, See, e.g., this guy.

E. Each teardrop represents a time that it’s been cited in another law review that no one will read.

F. What did you think his next tat was going to be once he’d finished putting his LSAT score across his knuckles and his transcript down his back?

G. To tattoo artist: “Careful, you idiot! Don’t you know what small caps are?? Does it look like I write for a God —- periodical?”

H. Richard Posner actually has epic full back and chest pieces just like this.

We imagine one of his best pick-up lines is: “Hey, baby, wanna cite check me?” Vote for your favorite caption in our poll, which will be open through THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, at 11:59 P.M. (Eastern time).

What is the best caption for this photo?

  • H. (29%, 780 Votes)
  • A. (26%, 715 Votes)
  • B. (14%, 366 Votes)
  • C. (11%, 310 Votes)
  • D. (5%, 138 Votes)
  • E. (5%, 135 Votes)
  • F. (5%, 132 Votes)
  • G. (5%, 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,708

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